Laying on screed with adhesive

The advanced technical features of the sintered stone collections, combined with an adhesive laying technique on screed, allow users to create perfectly stable and exceptionally hard-wearing surfaces.
The slabs used with this solution can withstand both moving and parked vehicles. Ideal for heavily frequented areas, in particular for squares, pavements, or ramps. Expansion joints are necessary and joints must be filled with cementitious grout.


Guaranteed drive-over for slabs with
2 and 3 cm (0.8" and 1.2") thickness


Example of laying on ground

  • A) Slabs
  • B) Concrete screed (may include electro welded mesh)
  • C) Reinforcement layer
  • D) Concrete screed
  • E) Loose stone foundation (gravel)
  • F) Soil

Example of laying on flat covering

  • A) Slabs
  • B) Concrete screed
  • C) Separation layer
  • D) Thermal insulation element
  • E) Vapour barrier
  • F) Waterproof layer
  • G) Sloping screed
  • H) Floor

The proposed diagrams and indications are purely indicative of the type of application: please refer to the specific regulations in force in your country in order to lay the floor to the highest technical standards.


  • Maximum stability over time
  • Ideal for driveways
  • Ideal for intense pedestrian circulation


  • Driveways
  • Pool sides
  • Terraces
  • Car parking
  • Residential areas
  • Commercial areas
  • Outdoor stairs
  • Garage ramps


What you need:



Toothed spatula


Cementitious grout

Acid detergent

Cross spacers

Sponge float