Raised laying with support

Floating paving is composed by a series of modular and adjustable supports, that easily and safely adapt to all paving types. Designed to guarantee an homogeneous surface, without bringing radical changes to the existing structure, as well as to eliminate humidity problems, water infiltrations, passage of electric cables and pipes, floating paving solutions allow easy and quick inspections and rainwater efficient drainage.


Example of raised laying

  • A) Slabs
  • B) Adjustable/fixed supports
  • C) Waterproof sheath
  • D) Screed with maximum slope of 5%

The proposed diagrams and indications are purely indicative of the type of application: please refer to the specific regulations in force in your country in order to lay the floor to the highest technical standards.


  • Excellent for hiding equipment
  • Absorption of structural movements
  • Significant reduction in weight
  • Always a flat floor and easily accessible
  • Fast installation
  • Quick water drainage
  • Better thermal and acustic insulation
  • Exceptional load bearing strength
  • Ecological and clean


  • Residential areas
  • Commercial areas
  • Terraces
  • Garden, courtyard or patio


What you need:



Adjustable fixed/supports

Adjusting key

Laying advise

Pedestals estimate

The values above refer to an ideally infinite surface, to find the real quantity of pedestals you have to multiply the pieces or m2 by the values above and add the perimeter pedestals multiplied by 0.6.