30 March 2007
Pavimento in pietra sinterizzata Villa Bergamo
10 June 2007

Private villa - Verona

In Verona, in a private cottage, a project has been realized that includes the paving of the entrance to the garage and all around the house. The products chosen for this project are made of 2 cm thick sintered stone and belong to two different brands but both are of high quality: L'ALTRA PIETRA and HARDSCAPE PORCELAIN.
The chosen material has the technical characteristics of porcelain stoneware, for this reason it is super resistant and destined to last over time. The product is drive-over and resistant to stains, heat and scratches, non-porous, easy to clean, requires no special maintenance and is able to give allure and charm to the outdoor area of your home.
The slabs selected for the project are L'ALTRA PIETRA Harena Sand Stone Beige 40x120 cm (16"x48") and HARDSCAPE PORCELAIN Etna Light Grey 40x80 cm (16"x32").